Kettle Ridge Farm is a family-owned local farm headed up by Joe Hurley and his son Chris. We are currently involved in producing maple syrup and wildflower honey; growing shiitake mushrooms; and gathering eggs from our well-treated flock of chickens. We own three properties in Victor and Bloomfield, with our Log Cabin Road property serving as the site for KettleFest. We have 11 acres here, including a comfortable log cabin, a very nice sugarbush, and a spectacular swamp.

What is the admission charge?

The admission charge is $7/person (reduced to $4/person starting at 2pm), with children under 13 free of charge. All proceeds will be used to help pay the expenses of KettleFest, to support our efforts to develop a small sustainable farm operation here in Victor, and to allow us to provide financial support to other environmental and conservation-focused organizations. Free admission for families participating in Adopt-a-Maple, and for our volunteers.

Is there on-site parking?

We have carved out enough spots on the festival property for about 200 cars. The next closest option will be the road shoulders along the entire 1-mile length of Log Cabin Road. A quarter mile away is the 50-car lot behind the Fishers Fire Department. Another option for visitors is a unique "Park & Hike" which involves parking at the end of a street called Fisher’s Run (near Gorbel Industries) and taking a scenic half-mile hike through the woods to reach KettleFest (see below). Hey, how about riding your bicycles? Kettle Ridge Farm is only a quarter-mile off the Auburn Trail in Fishers, which makes for a beautiful bike ride. Finally, we now have Lyft and Uber operating in the area, so you can consider that option as well!

What is the Park & Hike all about?

For the slightly adventurous, our Park & Hike offers the unique opportunity to easily park your car and take a half-mile hike through our maple sugarbush to reach KettleFest. Simply drive to the spacious trailhead at the very end of Fisher’s Run in Victor. The trail difficulty is easy-to-moderate, which means you really want to have good sneakers or hiking shoes, and certainly not sandals. You must follow the signs and stay on the trail to minimize normal trail-walking risks--like poison ivy, ticks, or tumbling down a ravine. But it is a really cool hike. Many thanks go to Gorbel Inc. for allowing for parking and trail access.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You shouldn't have to. We will have terrific food choices along with coffee drinks and desserts from local establishments. The "adult" area features local beer, hard cider, and wineYou'll find plenty to eat and drink. There is NO SMOKING on the premises so please leave any tobacco products at home. You are also prohibited from bringing alcohol onto the premises. 

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately no. Our chickens have issues when it comes to dogs and cats, and would certainly refuse to participate in the live chicken races if they caught sight of your pet, and we can't have that happening. 

Should I bring a lawn chair?

We plan to have some hay bale seating available, but you should also feel free to bring your lawn chair. Or a stool. Or your couch (to share with others of course). If using one of the off-site parking options, you can first drop off your chairs at the event entrance if you like.

Is there anything for kids to do?

Lots!! There will be educational activities like demonstrations of honey extraction and maple syrup production; trail walks and nature talks; and other fun stuff like our famous chicken races and our beehive box painting. Your kids can have their faces painted, dance to the music with a hula hoop, and enjoy the food and ice cream sundaes.

Is there anything for adults to do?

Of course, we're not forgetting about you adults.  In addition to demonstrations of our maple syrup and honey processing here at Kettle Ridge Farm, KettleFest offers indoor and outdoor workshops including cooking demonstrations from a professional chef; a woodcarving demonstration from an award-winning carver; trail walks with a DEC forester; and a sugarbush tour with one of our sugarmakers. We're also pretty sure you will enjoy the chicken races as much as the kids do.

What if it is raining?

KettleFest will be held rain or shine. Although we do have some sheltered areas, please come prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us.